Crash Damage Assessment

No one likes to be involved in an accident but these do happen. Once you’ve picked yourself and the dust has settled you may find that you need to produce a report for your insurance company to assess damage and costs.

Bicycle Crash Insurance Report £35

  • Discussion with rider about nature of crash or accident.
  • A visual inspection of bike and component check- The bike needs to be physically seen.
  • Detailed report sent electronically back to you with colour photographs of damage with full costings of repair on a like for like basis inc labour costs.

The turnaround time for a report is within 48 hrs of the bike being presented to us.

Crash/Warranty replacement £60

Many manufacturers offer heavily subsidised replacements on crash damaged frames, or maybe you’ve had a warranty replacement. We can help swap all the parts over for you. The above price is for a like for like replacement and excludes parts. You should budget for cables and bar tape. Other parts can be replaced on a like for like basis at cost price should excessive wear etc be found.

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