Home Maintainance Course

Cycle ServiceFancy getting your hands dirty, enjoy the challenge of fixing your own bike and being confident that you can tackle get you home repairs and simple servicing to keep your bike running smoothly? We come to you and give you some hands on advice. The course lasts up to two hours and is a friendly, jargon free session.

What we will cover

  • Removing/replacing wheels
  • Repairing punctures
  • Adjusting brakes/replacing pads
  • Indexing gears
  • Checking headset
  • Repairing a broken chain
  • Basic bike set up
  • Plus answering lots of questions!

We will try and cover as much as we can during this popular course What we actually do will depend on how much you know already, and no two home maintainance courses are the same!. Importantly we will work on YOUR bike so hopefully you will end up getting something equivalent to our Bronze service¬†and we will try and use your own tools but don’t worry if you haven’t got any, you are welcome to use ours and get advice on what (and what not) to buy.

Drop us a line for more details/book.

Cost £45*

*Group discount for 2 or more booking.