Standard Costs

We like to be completely upfront with costs so we have published a list of our standard prices for common one off repairs*. If you have a number of items that need servicing then we do offer discounts or can incorporate it into a service. If you can’t see the repair you require then please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Brake Services

  • Brake tune £15: Adjust alignment and lever pull.
    (Brake bleed not included)
  • Brake bleed £15 per brake (Includes fluid).
  • Pad replacement £6 per brake
  • Cable replacement £8 per cable: Replace inner and outer brake cable and adjust brake.

Drivetrain Services

  • Gear tune £15 -Adjust indexing and derailleur alignment.
  • Cable replacement £10 per cable: Replace inner and outer cable and index
  • Chain replacement £10: Replace chain and check index.
  • Cassette replacement £8: Replace cassette and check index.
  • Chainring replacement £15: Replace any or all chainrings.
  • Bottom bracket replacement £17.50: Replace bottom bracket.

Wheel Services

  • Wheel true £20: Lateral and vertical true of wheel
  • Wheel build £35
  • Tyre/Inner tube replacement £10

Frame & Fork 

  • Headset replacement £20: Replace headset.
  • Fork replacement/fit £20: Fit/replace fork

Bike Builds

Bike built from customer supplied parts. All parts installed onto bare frame. £70

Misc Services

  • Mudguard / rack fitting £15: Fit mudguards or pannier rack


*Excludes parts